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Instrument Development for Biological Research - News

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Michael Kudenov, Jeff Stirman and Spencer Smith June 27, 2016
Researchers devise tool to improve imaging of neuronal activity in the brain
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  June 8, 2016
Important Announcement
the components of PMF December 2, 2015
Scientists design a new method for screening cancer cells
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  November 16, 2015
Note Guidance on Data Management Plans
surfers surfing September 1, 2015
Dogs, cats and big-wave surfers: Healthy heart lessons from animals and athletes
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instrument for tracking microscopic objects June 30, 2015
Ultra-stable JILA microscopy technique tracks tiny objects for hours
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a mother puma and two growing cubs February 12, 2015
Female pumas kill more, eat less when humans are near, UC Santa Cruz study finds
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a collared cougar October 2, 2014
Study of mountain lion energetics shows the power of the pounce
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optic fiber lighting February 19, 2014
A new laser for a faster Internet
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dwarf seahorse November 26, 2013
Seahorse heads have a "no wake zone" that's made for catching prey
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image of a puma April 17, 2013
UC-Santa Cruz Study of Pumas in Santa Cruz Mountains Documents Impact of Predator/Human Interaction
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adult human fibroblast cells April 7, 2013
Adhesive Differences Enable Separation of Stem Cells to Advance Potential Therapies
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Xenopus tadpole neurons March 15, 2012
PCP Genetic Pathway Acts as Stop Sign for Cell Growth
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micrograph of human cells February 7, 2012
Good Timing: NIST/CU Collaboration Adds Timing Capability to Living Cell Sensors
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Biological molecules in spaces between mica sheets. December 4, 2007
Did Life Originate in a Mica Sandwich Sitting in Primordial Soup?
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Showing: 1-15 of 15