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News - Astronomical Sciences (AST)

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illustration of binary star system February 17, 2016
Longest-lasting stellar eclipse discovered
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a composite image of the HD 142527 binary star February 13, 2016
ALMA reveals planet-forming potential of protoplanetary disk
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Still from animation of merger of two black holes February 11, 2016
LIGO: Einstein Was Right
Special Report
young populations of stars within globular cluster January 27, 2016
Stellar parenting: Making new stars by 'adopting' stray cosmic gases
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highest-resolution astronomical image January 26, 2016
Space-earth system produces highest-resolution astronomical image
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Galaxy cluster Abell January 25, 2016
In galaxy clustering, mass may not be the only thing that matters
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Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile January 19, 2016
Dark Energy Survey releases early data
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artist impression of W2246-0526 January 15, 2016
Extreme turbulence roiling 'most luminous galaxy' in the Universe
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an artist's impression of supernova ASASSN-15lh January 14, 2016
What is 10 miles across but powers an explosion brighter than the Milky Way?
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computer simulation of gas distribution January 7, 2016
Dwarf galaxy sends ripples through Milky Way's suburbs: A new way to explore dark matter
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star, planet formation January 5, 2016
VLA reveals dramatic new evidence about star, planet formation
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dust and gas distributed around the star December 16, 2015
Giant planets carving paths around four young stars, ALMA observations suggest
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clumpy, turbulent gas December 14, 2015
Gemini and Keck put new spin on galaxy formation
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ACEAP participants at sunset December 10, 2015
Spreading the word
black hole with an accretion disk of hot material December 3, 2015
Event Horizon Telescope reveals magnetic fields at Milky Way's central black hole
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