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News - Emerging Frontiers (EF)

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milky blue glacial water February 1, 2016
Major storm events play key role in biogeochemistry of watersheds
News From the Field
image of black-tailed prairie dogs January 13, 2016
Plague-riddled prairie dogs a model for infectious disease spread
News From the Field
illustration showing plants and animals under snow January 5, 2016
Peering into the secret world of life beneath winter snows
on top of tower at Front Royal site November 16, 2015
NEON begins to monitor changing ecology of the U.S.
Science Nation
person sitting next to a lake formed in a flooded sinkhole October 20, 2015
Ancient fossils show effect of humans on Caribbean wildlife
domatoceras kleihegei October 14, 2015
Free app empowers public to locate, recognize ancient fossils
News From the Field
a new data-logging tag, called the ITAG September 28, 2015
Novel tag developed for squid, jellyfish
News From the Field
Neurons of a mouse brain September 23, 2015
Video series: New strategies address one of science's greatest mysteries
biology graphic September 16, 2015
Gene editing study reveals possible 'Achilles heel' of sickle cell disease
News From the Field
mermaid's wineglass algae September 14, 2015
A more acidic ocean will bend the mermaid's wineglass
News From the Field
Monk Parakeets Fighting September 10, 2015
Mental math helps monk parakeets find their place in pecking order
News From the Field
Joel Cohen September 9, 2015
NSF-funded mathematical biologist and geologist recognized for pioneering, interdisciplinary research
News From the Field
group walking through a grass field in Gabon August 31, 2015
NSF and USAID announce latest round of awards to address global development challenges
Press Release
drought-induced tree death August 19, 2015
Drought implicated in slow death of trees in southeast's forests
News From the Field
a lizard August 18, 2015
Global warming lethal to baby lizards: nests become heat traps
News From the Field
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