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Margaret Murnane September 26, 2016
NSF awards $94 million to create four new Science and Technology Centers
Press Release
MiChroM output September 26, 2016
Rice biophysicists model genome mechanics
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graphene network structure below a layer of water September 23, 2016
How to power up graphene implants without frying cells
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galaxy (orange), rich in carbon monoxide September 22, 2016
ALMA explores the Hubble Ultra Deep Field; uncovers insights into 'Golden Age' of galaxy formation
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a Lyman-alpha Blob similar to LAB-1 September 21, 2016
Galactic fireworks illuminate monster hydrogen blob
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active site of an iron-containing zeolite September 20, 2016
New findings by NSF-funded chemists could lead to greener methanol production
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an equation on top of images September 16, 2016
Closing in on high-temperature superconductivity
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artist impression of the heart of galaxy NGC 1068 September 15, 2016
Black hole hidden within its own exhaust
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long chain of repeating molecules September 15, 2016
New theory overcomes a longstanding polymer problem
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Paul Thibado September 14, 2016
Physicists observe spontaneous mechanical buckling in freestanding graphene
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artist's impression of the dust disk September 14, 2016
ALMA spots possible formation site of icy giant planet
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a fluid with a viscosity like water enters UCLA-R3 September 13, 2016
NSF-funded chemists report new insights about properties of matter at the nanoscale
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a stop-flow cell September 13, 2016
Efficiency plus versatility
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view from inside the TRAPPIST-1 September 13, 2016
Nearby exo-earth family withstands extreme scrutiny
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image of mouse brain September 12, 2016
A global conversation to advance brain research Sept. 19
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