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Princeton research team September 1, 2016
One potential solution to bullying: social psychology
Creating a sense of belonging helps keep women in STEM -- but teachers might not realize that need. August 26, 2016
'Belonging' can help keep talented female students in STEM classes
The report focuses on business R&D performance. Other sectors also contribute to total U.S. R&D. August 25, 2016
Businesses spent $341 billion on R&D performed in US in 2014
Press Release
screenshot of the Brooklyn Atlantis interface August 25, 2016
Virtual peer pressure works just as well as the real thing
News From the Field
ASU's WaterSim program screenshot August 23, 2016
Center takes water issues on the road
News From the Field
Researcher Stephen Foulger works at the Advanced Materials Research Lab in Anderson, South Carolina. August 22, 2016
NSF announces $55 million toward national research priorities
Press Release
lobster and dye flume August 18, 2016
NSF funds new integrative approaches to study the brain
Press Release
brain maps showing neural activation patterns August 12, 2016
This is your brain on sentences
News From the Field
image of tsunami damage August 10, 2016
Study: Seawalls, coastal forests in Japan help reduce tsunami damage
News From the Field
Aedes aegypti mosquito August 5, 2016
Calculating solutions to combat Zika
Celina Gray, a student intern at Salish Kootenai College, checks an automated camera. August 2, 2016
Building communities of research at tribal colleges
a man trading August 1, 2016
Trading changes how brain processes selling decisions
News From the Field
Rice University's Argos Network July 15, 2016
NSF leads federal effort to boost advanced wireless research
Press Release
Wireless research testbed at Rutgers University July 13, 2016
Learn about the future of wireless and the role of federal research investments
Media Advisory
privacy July 7, 2016
Statement from France Córdova in support of the National Privacy Research Strategy
Press Statement
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