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Blue Light!

Can't sleep? The culprit could be your LED bulbs. Find out why on NSF's The Discovery Files.

Maniobras de Mangosta
English version:
Mongoose Maneuvers

¿Qué nos puede enseñar una mangosta con tuberculosis acerca de cómo se propagan las enfermedades

Metabolic age!

Infants burn more calories than any age group, even teens. Learn more at NSF's The Discovery Files.

Smart cement!

Nanoparticles make cement smarter -- and concrete tougher. Learn how at NSF's The Discovery Files.

Batty Mosquitoes!

Batty blood-sucking skeeters follow their nose. Find out how at NSF’s The Discovery Files.

Digitizing biology!

5 million plants over 200 years have a story to tell. Listen in at NSF's The Discovery Files.

Vaccine Spray!

Hate needles? A new COVID vaccine could be inhaled. More at NSF's The Discovery Files.

Robotic Neck Brace

Robotics can help you ‘brace’ yourself after head and neck cancer.

Mongoose Maneuvers

Learn what mongoose with TB can teach us about how human disease spreads. At NSF The Discovery Files

Ground Shaking AI!

Shake, rattle, and roll! How an earthquake became a lab for seismologists. At NSF The Discovery File

High Fires!

Remote forests in the Rockies are on fire from climate change. More at NSF’s The Discovery Files.

It's Heating Up!

Stressed by heat and humidity? Climate change will make it worse. More at NSF's The Discovery Files

Millennial Life!

After 24,000 years, tiny animals still live in Siberian permafrost. More at NSF The Discovery Files.

Ocean Cruising!

The Atlantic Ocean takes thousands of years for a world cruise? The Discovery Files takes you there.

Connectome Circuitry!

Getting physical is good for your child’s body – and their brain, too.

Pollen Pacing!

Fossil pollen paints a picture of fast-paced human impact.


Researchers studied the correlations between symbiotic algae and stressed Northern Star coral.


Developing a taste for carbs wasn't necessarily a bad thing!

Glowing Pains!

Bioengineers create pH-sensing gut bacteria to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease.

Less is More!

Overdo much? Adding elements when working up new ideas or solutions is faster, but not always better

The Ties that Bind

Researchers have taken a key step toward developing new drugs and vaccines to combat COVID-19.

The Breakup

Antarctica's massive Thwaites Glacier is melting because of climate change.

Ware & Tare

A U.S. research team used dental checkups on Arctic foxes to learn what they eat and why.

Loopholes for Life

How birds breathe better.

Carbon Copy Studies

How much carbon can exist on a planet to sustain life?

Fire & Ice

The effects wildfires have on cloud formation and the intense storms that can develop from them.

Sounds Hum-mazing!

How hummingbirds hum.

New bandage could outsmart infections

A bandage to catch wound infections early enough to avoid drastic measures, such a amputation

Endangered species get help from an unexpected source - wolves!

Wolves reveal more about the spread of infectious diseases within social species

Economic value of insect pollinators in U.S. much higher than thought

Pollinators, such as bees, play an important role in agriculture, but are under threat

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