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Finding the ancient Maya civilization's oldest, largest shrine shows they did it "Maya-way."

Natural Digital

Butterfly-inspired technology to help on-screen images "get real."

New Wave

Killing coronavirus with a handheld ultraviolet light may be feasible.

Heal Print

A "NICE" advance toward repairing bone tissue using 3D printing.

Vegetation Circulation

Giving plants a better "shot" at survival with a precision, microneedle injection system.

Pollen Rain

Sensitive to pollen? Don’t count on rain to clear the air.

Fat Findings

A new discovery about fat could help lead to some new therapies.

Creative Spurts

What drove the evolutionary development of creativity?

Sleep Study

Study for an exam while you sleep by taking musical notes?


New evidence that modern humans and Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history.

A Leg Up

Testing the latest assistive running technologies. We’ve got the rundown!

Power Grab

Turning your home’s wasted energy into electricity

Fish Switch

A simulated brain swap to explore a perplexing question.

Gait Keeper

New shoes powered by Artificial Intelligence unlock the secrets of your sole.

Seas of Change

How will billions of marine microbes adapt to climate change?


A new tool can predict the flow of floodwater during torrential rains and improve emergency response

Kinda Flakey

When it comes to producing snow, turns out downloading from the cloud can be kind of flakey.


A possible answer to a "growing" question comes to light.

Slowdown Showdown

Software updates slowing you down?

GPS & Your Imagination

Your brain's got a kind of built-in GPS, and researchers are looking at it from a new direction.

Imitation Perspiration

Just when you thought robots couldn't get any cooler, researchers have created a robotic hand that c

Tissue Re-issue

New clues about a worm that makes its own spare parts, and what that could mean for us.

Math Feel

Translating math and science textbooks into Braille ...

Plastic Worms

Tiny mealworms may hold part of the solution to the world's giant plastics problem.

Biodiversity Backstory

Events from 20,000 years ago or more are still impacting mammals worldwide.


Might seem counterintuitive, but some farm crops may be better if they let their defenses down.

Neighborhood Watch

Teams of microbes are at work in our bodies. How can we know what they’re up to?

Rare Finds

Nearly 40% of plant species are very rare, vulnerable to climate change


Bees that surf? The next wave may inspire future robotics.


Sizing up a growing atmospheric concern...getting 'blocked.'

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