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Multimedia Gallery


  • Unless otherwise stated, images and other media in the National Science Foundation Multimedia Gallery are available for use in print and electronic material by NSF employees, members of the media, university staff, teachers and the general public. All media in the gallery are intended for personal, educational and nonprofit/non-commercial use only. Certain media carry additional restrictions placed on them by the owners and this information is listed under the Special Restrictions section on the media page. In cases where a restriction states that the potential user must contact the owner prior to using the media, it is the responsibility of the potential user to follow through with this and obtain permission prior to using the media. Also, users of the gallery are required by law to honor all copyright restrictions indicated herein. These restrictions must be adhered to.
  • Any media used in the gallery must be credited as stated on the information screen that accompanies the media. It is a condition of the gallery that anyone using media from the gallery must include the credit information that accompanies the media.
  • Granting the right to use media from the NSF Multimedia Gallery does not explicitly or implicitly convey NSF's endorsement of the site or document in which the media is used or the entity using it.
  • Most of the media in the gallery have been donated by external sources for inclusion in the gallery. The owners have donated their media with the understanding that whoever uses the media will adhere to all restrictions placed upon the media regarding its use and will include the proper credit information when using the media. NSF does not "police" usage of the gallery and therefore must assume that users are following the guidelines stated here.

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