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Did early modern humans and Neanderthals live in the same area concurrently?

Modern humans arrived in the westernmost part of Europe about 5000 years earlier than known.

Can a weather system in East Asia help predict hurricane frequency in the U.S.?

Scientists may have found a new influence on how Atlantic hurricanes develop.

Turmeric -- the spice -- can help a puppy dog's eyes...and maybe ours too

Findings show that turmeric, a spice, shows promise in decreasing ocular inflammation in dogs.

Artificial intelligence may help predict earthquakes and volcanoes

Researchers using deep learning find subtle signals of an impending event.

Inspired by nature's inventions of claws and scales, this new tech could be a real "shoe-in"

Taking inspiration from claws and scales found in nature, a new kirigami shoe sole technology.

You're going to live in a quantum future

Sooner than we may once have imagined, new technologies will leverage quantum properties

Sedimental Journey

After 100 million years of sleep, ancient microbes wake up.

Wrap, Trap and Zap

A new water treatment method is a “wrap, trap and zap" for antibiotic-resistant bugs.


Researchers are using tech from space to help take steps forward on the ground.

Toxin Tester

A new handheld device delivers fast, easy results on water quality.

Explosion Protection

A new multifunctional nanofiber protects against explosions.

Wrist Factors

When it comes to your health, your smartwatch may soon be getting smarter. A wristed development!


Finding the ancient Maya civilization's oldest, largest shrine shows they did it "Maya-way."

Natural Digital

Butterfly-inspired technology to help on-screen images "get real."

New Wave

Killing coronavirus with a handheld ultraviolet light may be feasible.

Heal Print

A "NICE" advance toward repairing bone tissue using 3D printing.

Vegetation Circulation

Giving plants a better "shot" at survival with a precision, microneedle injection system.

Pollen Rain

Sensitive to pollen? Don’t count on rain to clear the air.

Fat Findings

A new discovery about fat could help lead to some new therapies.

Creative Spurts

What drove the evolutionary development of creativity?

Sleep Study

Study for an exam while you sleep by taking musical notes?


New evidence that modern humans and Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history.

A Leg Up

Testing the latest assistive running technologies. We’ve got the rundown!

Power Grab

Turning your home’s wasted energy into electricity

Fish Switch

A simulated brain swap to explore a perplexing question.

Gait Keeper

New shoes powered by Artificial Intelligence unlock the secrets of your sole.

Seas of Change

How will billions of marine microbes adapt to climate change?


A new tool can predict the flow of floodwater during torrential rains and improve emergency response

Kinda Flakey

When it comes to producing snow, turns out downloading from the cloud can be kind of flakey.

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