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Fake meds, or foods that have been altered can be easily spotted with a new technology

Sweating the Details

Researchers have demonstrated that sweat works as well as blood for health monitoring.

Amphibious Assault

There's more going on with frog skin than the proverbial warts

Lair Pollution

Routine household activities generate significant levels chemicals inside the average home

Screen Saver

A cheaper way to light up smartphones and TVs. No asteroid required.


An research team has developed a drug capsule that could be used to deliver oral doses of insulin.

Gutsy Move

Engineers have designed an ingestible pill that, upon reaching the stomach, quickly swells

Absorbing News

Engineers have developed "nanosponges" which can help treat arthritis.


Marine mammals hold a competitive advantage in polar regions.

Patch Work

Engineers have found an inexpensive way to make thin, durable heating patches.


Clemson University scientists have managed to measure all of the starlight ever produced

Tick Tactics

Scientists say the hungrier ticks are, the harder they try to find people or other hosts.

Touchy Feely

Researchers have developed a glove that bestows robotic hands with some of the dexterity humans have

Watershed Concept

Scientists have developed a crop system to help sustain food supply.

Leach Alternative

Researchers have developed safer alternatives to phthalate plasticizers.

'Bot Flies

Researchers have modified small flying robots to anchor onto surfaces and pull heavy loads.

Best-taste Scenario

Neuroscientists have found that a brain region appears to be strongly connected to food preference

Peer Pairing

Researchers have found neural evidence of early learning among infants who were coupled with a peer.

Some Nerve

Researchers have developed a device that delivers regular pulses of electricity to damaged nerves

Cool Coat

Engineers have made white paint whiter -- and cooler -- by removing white pigment.


New surface fashioned out of an aluminum sheet provides a proof of concept for keeping surfaces dry

Emotional Mash-up

Adolescents don't distinguish between negative emotions as clearly as younger children and adults

Mudicinal Properties

Researchers have found that one type of clay, Oregon blue clay, may help fight disease-causing bacte

Eel Threat

Researchers have homed in on a fatty molecule that directs the destructive migration of sea lampreys

Bac Jac

Study reveals that E. coli has managed to keep a big secret about its defenses

Air Feeders

Engineering could change the face of agriculture, making more food available in less time

Protective Seal

Seal blood has the ability to minimize the effects of an inflammatory response during deep dives

Breaking Good

The discovery of a family of enzymes could represent a breakthrough in the recycling of plant waste


"Baby whales" possess a protein that enables them to communicate using electrical signals.

Bit By Bit

Researchers at MIT have improved upon a technique known as "frequency hopping."

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