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Protective Seal

Seal blood has the ability to minimize the effects of an inflammatory response during deep dives

Breaking Good

The discovery of a family of enzymes could represent a breakthrough in the recycling of plant waste


"Baby whales" possess a protein that enables them to communicate using electrical signals.

Bit By Bit

Researchers at MIT have improved upon a technique known as "frequency hopping."

Bot Wranglers

DNA-based molecular machines speeds up from several minutes to less than a second.


How to break carbon dioxide in air into carbon and oxygen to make carbon nanotubes discovered.

S-Nailed It

Transferring RNA between specimens, to transfer memories from one animal to another is possible.


Researchers found that predators may now be as abundant or more abundant in these novel habitats.

Internal Weather

Researchers claim that a revolution in chemotherapy could be on the horizon.


Environmentally friendly materials to replace plastics have become a focus for chemists.


Researchers have developed a surgical camera inspired by the eye of the morpho butterfly.


A newly developed durable, clear coating is "omniphobic," meaning it repels virtually every liquid.

Inside Job

Biomedical engineers have developed a technology aimed to stop bleeding and control wound healing.

Cut And Paste

Engineers have come up with a sticky solution to the places on the body.


Memory confusion in older adults is partly caused by their reliance on schematic memory.

Spoof Proof

A new study describes a computer algorithm that mitigates the effects of "spoof" GPS attacks.

Disclaimer Explainer

Scientists used AI algorithms to crawl 7,000 of the most popular websites' privacy policies.

Outta Sight!

Autonomous cars that "see" around corners are closer to a reality thanks to a new algorithm.

Memory Reboot

By targeting the aggressive enzyme, HDAC3, new medical treatments could help older patients.


A new diagnostic system could make possible quick and easy point-of-care detection.

Chemical Combat-Ants

Argentine ants utilize chemical secretions as weapons against harvester ants,

Protein Capture

Technology uses probes and fluorescence data to construct computational models of protein structures


Plastic trash -- ubiquitous throughout the world's oceans -- intensifies disease for coral.

Spidey Sense

Biologists are unraveling many evolutionary mysteries behind the complex world of spider vision.

Space Case

Researchers have developed a new material to self-regulate the temperature of the satellite.

Buzz Feed

Mosquitoes in a species called Wyeomyia smithii refuse blood meals in favor of sweet floral nectar.


How the tiered structure of a cafe latte develops when espresso is poured into hot milk revealed.


A new cybersecurity system will provide forensic investigators a detailed record of an intrusion.

Response Re-direct

Simple plastic nanoparticles may keep a type of immune cell too busy to cause inflammation.

Bridging Data

Researchers have found a potential safeguard against dangerous wobbling of pedestrian bridges.

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