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Cancer Advance

Scientists have developed an effective new strategy for treating cancer.

Combo Hack

Researchers are warning of an insidious threat known as "combo-squatting."

Security Thread

A new type of smart fabric could pave the way for jackets that store invisible passcodes.


A theory for how to pattern the growth orientations and magnitudes of a bilayer developed.

Solar Nexus

See-through solar materials that can be applied to windows represent a source of untapped energy.

Double Speak

It is often claimed that bilinguals are better than monolinguals at learning languages.


A computer security system using the dimensions of your heart as your identifier developed.

Toxin Blockin'

Poison frogs in fact harbor some of the most potent neurotoxins we know.

LEGOs 'n Play-Doh

Play-Doh and LEGOs are among the most popular childhood building blocks.

Field Test

The first smartphone app that is capable of objectively detecting concussions in development.

Leading the Charge

Changes in the microstructure can control how the material becomes electrically charged.

Seams Easy

Device that employs a pair of magnets offers surgeons a new safe and simple alternative.

'Spased' Out

A nanolaser known as the spaser can serve as a super-bright, water-soluble, biocompatible probe.

Step Lively

Researchers have built energy-recycling stairs that store a user's energy during descent.

Sense And Sensitivity

A new device for surface enhanced infrared absorption (SEIA) spectroscopy developed.

Mussel Bond

A nontoxic glue modeled after adhesive proteins produced by mussels hints potential surgical glues.

Letter Imperfect

New evidence that children start to learn about some aspects of reading and writing at an early age.

Pass Protection

Heroes too small to be seen may help to protect the world's chocolate supply.

Yeastern Exposure

A tool that is likely to revolutionize the way we detect and treat pathogens developed.

Living I.T.

A team of researchers have demonstrated a new method for digital information processing.

Sounds, Flat

Device not only can generate energy from human motion, it can act as a loudspeaker and microphone.

Bossing Bacteria

A way to place onto surfaces special coatings that chemically "communicate" with bacteria developed.

Grey Areas

New study sheds light on how the brain coordinates complex decisions involving altruism and empathy.


A new way to recover most of the water from highly concentrated salt solutions developed.

Force Feeled

Engineers have developed a miniature device to feel the forces generated by swimming bacteria.


Nearly a million new forms of malware are unleashed on the world every day.

Lighting Effects

Animals can pass the damaging effects of nighttime light exposure to their offspring.

Termite Terminator

A new technology concept could provide companies with a more effective way to control termites.


The first numerical radar simulator to study the scattering of debris particles in tornadoes.


Deprived of oxygen, naked mole rats can survive by metabolizing fructose just as plants do.

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