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News Release 11-020

Brain Scans Predict Likely Success When It Comes to Quitting Smoking

University of Michigan study says fMRI scans know more about us than we do

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Image of a woman breaking a cigarette.

Brain scans showing neural reactions to pro-health messages can predict if smokers will keep that resolution to quit more accurately than you yourself can. Neural reactions to pro-health messages can predict if you'll keep that resolution to quit smoking

Credit: Copyright 2011 Jupiterimages Corporation


Emily Falk, director of University of Michigan's Communication Neuroscience Laboratory, recently led a study that scanned the brain activity of 28 heavy smokers to investigate whether pro-health messages would have an impact on their ability to quit smoking.

Credit: Anti-Smoking Public Service Ads courtesy: The California Department of Public Health and the American Lung Association
MRI Clip courtesy: The National Institute of Mental Health
Smoking stills: Copyright 2011 Jupiterimages Corporation
Ashtray still courtesy: CC-SA 2.5/J.Brenden
Brain Animation courtesy: CC-SA 2.1 Japan
All other stills courtesy: Emily Falk
Cigarette warning still courtesy: Bill Branson/National Cancer Institute