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News Release 06-127 - Video

David Snider describes his approach to teaching art and engineering

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David Snider describes why he was motivated to create his combined art and engineering course.
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University of South Florida engineering professor David Snider has combined art and engineering topics into a single introductory course that broadens students' perspectives.

Credit: University of South Florida

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Video Transcript:

I was thinking why is it engineers don't take courses in art; and the reason is that they come in at a handicap. All the art students know more about art  engineers generally don't know how to draw, they don't know much about art. But they're losing a great form of recreation  that is the appreciation of fine art. So I thought why not get an art course where the engineer comes in with the advantage, look at art from the point of view of polarization of light, of optics, of color theory, of color perception, color physiology, and take advantage of what an engineer knows so he has the advantage over the art student in the class.

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