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News Release 11-034 - Video

Scott Saleska shows a field video during his presentation on the future of Amazonian forests.

Scott Saleska of the University of Arizona, shows a field video in his presentation, "Global Issues and Basic Research: the Future of Amazonian Forests in a Changing Climate." His presentation was during the PIRE Symposium on Feb. 14, 2011 at NSF, for which principle investigators from nearly three dozen PIRE programs gathered to learn from each other and NSF.

Research collaborators from the University of Arizona, several other U.S. universities, and universities and companies in Brazil, are studying the Amazon rainforest to better understand how tropical forests will respond to environmental change. Some models suggest that a warming globe will cause Amazonian forests to experience unprecedented drought. Climbing tall trees and digging deep pits is revealing how forests function to trap carbon and move water.

Credit: NSF

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