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News Release 12-140 - Video

Mayly Sanchez and Scott Gaudi work to enhance understanding of the universe.

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The research of 2011 PECASE recipients Mayly Sanchez of Iowa State and Scott Gaudi of Ohio State centers on the quest for further understanding of the composition and complexities of the universe. Both were funded by NSF's Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences. Sanchez received her PECASE "for contributions to the detection and study of neutrinos and their role in some of the most fundamental problems in physics, and for reaching out to potential women STEM majors and exciting them about opportunities in the STEM fields, in particular physics and astronomy." Gaudi received his PECASE "for contributing to our understanding of Earth's place in the Universe through the study of the demographics of exoplanetary systems, and for reaching out to oft-overlooked, underrepresented groups of children and students in the LGBTQ and HIV-positive communities."

Credit: National Science Foundation

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