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Cosmic Microwave Background and Other Clues, Text Slide 1 of 31

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Slide Title: What we don't know about the Universe: the Cosmic Microwave Background and other Clues

Slide Image: Collage including:
- the Microwave Sky -- a map of subtle temperature variations in the microwave background radiation projected on a globe. Slightly warmer spots are red, and slightly cooler spots are blue
- Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) galaxy image

Image Source: compilation of images from NASA, WMAP Science Team, and SDSS

Background Image: The Universe from the Ground Up Symposium presentation template has a blue bar at the top with a nebulae image superimposed along with the 2003 Symposium logo. The background is accented by an astronomy map of various stars and constellations.

Slide Words: Max Tegmark
Univ. of Penn.

Slide Source: NSF and Max Tegmark

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