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Office of Legislative and Public Affairs Media Staff and Beats

Name Primary Beat Phone E-mail
Contact the entire OLPA Media Group at, or contact the Head of the Office of Legislative and Public Affairs, who will delegate as appropriate.
Amanda Hallberg Greenwell Head, Office of Legislative and Public Affairs 703-292-8070
Sarah Bates Engineering 703-292-7738
Joshua Chamot Mathematical & Physical Sciences 703-292-4489
Stanley Dambroski Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences 703-292-7728
Cheryl Dybas Geosciences 703-292-7734
Glorymar Fernández-Rivera Social Media 703-292-5344
Ivy Kupec Special Projects 703-292-8796
Robert Margetta Biological Sciences; Office of Integrative Activities 703-292-2663
Linda McBrearty Computer & Information Science & Engineering; Office of International Science & Engineering 703-292-2251
Bobbie Mixon Education & Human Resources; Office of Information & Resource Management 703-292-8485
Peter West Polar Programs 703-292-7530
Science360 News Science360 News 703-292-8070