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National Science Foundation

People | Major Projects

Decision Making Under Uncertainty (DMUU) Centers
Given that the uncertainties in the projections of future temperature, precipitation patterns, species adaptation and many other variables cannot be fully resolved, and given that government officials, business owners and the public at large will have to make decisions based on uncertain science, NSF funds three Decision Making Under Uncertainty (DMUU) Centers and two interdisciplinary research teams to tackle these issues.

Dynamics of Coupled Human and Natural Systems
The interactions between humans and ecosystems, and in particular the dynamics of these interactions, are expected to change as the effects of global climate change are increasingly seen in local ecosystems. To gain a greater understanding of these issues, NSF created a formal, multidisciplinary program to support teams of researchers focused on the social, natural and physical science behind the coupling of human and natural systems.

Arctic Social Sciences Program
To capture native knowledge and to involve native people in the study of their own environment, NSF-funded researchers have enlisted the input of native people in environmental observation, while at the same time helping the people document and preserve their cultural heritage for future generations. The knowledge and observations passed on to indigenous people from their ancestors provide researchers an invaluable source of information about climate change.

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