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National Lab Day: Advice for Teachers Video Transcript

Teachers, National Lab Day is a great opportunity for you to bring scientists, technology experts, engineers and mathematicians into your classroom to work as volunteers, as early as tomorrow.

All you have to do is go to the National Lab Day website, www.nationallabday.org, and register. The registration form is simple and easy—you just provide a little information about yourself, about your school and about the subjects that you teach. Once you register, you can search through the entire database of registered volunteers. These are scientists and experts in technology fields, maybe even mathematicians, that are right in your own neighborhood. They’re waiting to volunteer in your classroom.

Once you have registered, also you want to post a project because that's how they can find you. Posting a project is also easy. I posted a project called Roundtable Judging that's going to be happening at my school in New York City. Once you have your project posted, you'll get a great dashboard where you'll be able to see all of the experts that match you in your area. The website does the work for you, it gives you your matches and locates them all in this easy-to-use dashboard.

You can also go online to the community section and find experts yourself, even before posting a project. You can do a search by radius of your zip code. So you can type in your zip code, and search maybe in five miles if you live in place like Chicago or New York City, maybe you'd search in 50 miles if you live in a more rural area. Then you can also search by discipline, or subject matter. And you could also do a search by keyword. You could type in, maybe astronomy, and find people who are experts in astronomy. You also might want to kind of check out state-wide who are the volunteers that are registered in your state so that you could maybe form local communities of support around you and the teachers at your school.

The last thing that we'd like you to do with nationallabday.org is to use the resources and other links that are available. Dozens of partners, companies and nonprofits and educational organizations have posted projects that you could do in your classroom tomorrow. So go online to nationallablday.org, register, post a project and search for experts so that you, too, can have volunteers in your classroom, to come and bring hands-on, exciting experiences in science, technology, engineering and math, as early as tomorrow. Thank you.