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National Science Foundation


  • Contest entry constitutes agreement to adhere to the rules and stipulations set forth by the contest sponsors.
  • Any entrant or entry found to be in violation of any rule will be disqualified.
  • Each entrant certifies, through submission to the contest, that the entry is his or her own original creative work and does not violate or infringe the creative work of others, as protected under copyright law.
  • By entering the contest the entrant agrees to hold harmless, NSF, AAAS, Science and Science Online for all legal and administrative claims, to include associated expenses that may arise from any claims related to his or her submission or its use.
  • Entrants retain all copyright and equivalent rights but give NSF, AAAS, Science and Science Online nonexclusive rights to use their names, likenesses, quotes and submissions for educational publicity and/or promotional purposes. This includes but is not limited to website display, print materials and exhibits.
  • NSF, AAAS, Science and Science Online reserve the right to use semifinalist and finalist winners' names and entries for educational publicity and/or promotional purposes, including website or exhibition of winning entries. It is understood that entries will be shared with reporters covering these awards and for promotion of the competition itself.
  • NSF, AAAS, Science and Science Online will not be responsible for any claims or complaints from third parties should these visualizations be published or exhibited.
  • Winners that are published by Science and Science Online will be required to sign an agreement granting nonexclusive publication and Web rights.
  • Winners are responsible for all taxes or other fees connected with the prize received and/or travel paid for by the sponsoring organizations.
  • NSF, AAAS, Science and Science Online will not respond to any claims or inquiries regarding contest results.
  • NSF, AAAS, Science and Science Online have the final say on any point not outlined in the entry rules.
  • Information requested on the entry form will be used to determine how and if the competition is meeting its goals, purposes and audience. Submission of this information is also necessary to contact entrants.
  • Employees, contractors, officers or judges of the sponsoring organizations are not eligible to enter the competition.
  • Finalist judges, either individually or as part of a team, are not eligible to enter the competition.
  • If an insufficient number of qualified entries are received, the sponsoring organizations reserve the right to modify or cancel the competition prior to announcing winners.
  • Should NSF decide to bring winning contestants to Washington, D.C., or to any other location for promotional and other purposes, expenses paid by NSF will be within the limits set forth in law according to federal travel regulations. NSF will fund travel for only one person per group or team entry if the entry wins. This person will be the contact person listed on the entry form. If this person is not available, he or she will designate a replacement from the team. If a single person wins multiple categories, he or she must represent all of the winning entries; designees are not permitted in this instance. Only persons listed on the original entry form may have their travel funded by NSF. All other persons accompanying the winner/group representative must arrange and fund their own travel and accommodations.
  • All contestants agree that they, their heirs and estates shall hold harmless the United States, the employees of the federal government, and all employees of NSF, AAAS, Science and Science Online for any and all injuries and/or claims arising from participation in this contest, to include that which may occur while traveling to or participating in contest activities.
  • A lead contact person must be designated for team submissions. The order in which names are listed on the entry form is how the names will appear in the journal Science, Science Online and on the NSF website.
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