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Science Connects: How Discovery Drives Our Global Future, Text Slide 13 of 18

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Slide Images: Two images showing specific attachment of LHRH-coated magnetite nanoparticles to breast cancer cells.
At top left is an x-ray image. Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Particles are abbreviated "SIOP"
The image contains the following labels:
"SIOP particle clusters" (in the top left over a small dark spot)
"Individual SIOP particles" (lower left over a dark round spot)
"Nucleus" (lower right over a large dark area)
"500nm" (over a scale line)

The bottom right illustration is a cross-section showing epithelial cells, connective tissue, smooth muscle, blood vessels and a lymphatic vessel.

A carcinoma is above and in the level of the epithelial cells and has spread into the connective tissue. Metastatic cells are spreading from it into the vessels. A sarcoma has formed near a blood vessel.

Credit: W.O. Soboyejo, J.K. Zhou, C. Leuschner, C. Kumar, J. Hormes

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