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"The Shifting Plate Tectonics of Science," Text Slide 18 of 24

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Slide Image: The slide shows the home page of the NSF-funded Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's "Molecularium" (http://www.molecularium.rpi.edu/)

A quote by Richard P. Feynman is in the top left corner, stating: "If only one idea had to be passed on to the next generation, it is the concept of atoms and molecules and that everything is made of them."

In the top right section there are three round images relating to molecules, including a snowflake.

In the lower left is the Molecularium logo containing images of three of the characters from the show.

There is a dashboard-like control panel in the center of the page above which are monitors containing images labeled from left to right: FOR KIDS ONLY!, TEACHERS/PARENTS, SIGHTS & SOUNDS, BEHIND THE SCENES, IN THE NEWS, and ABOUT THE SHOW. The images include characters from the show and people.

At the bottom of the page is an introduction stating: Welcome to the Molecularium ™ A magical, musical adventure into the world of molecules! Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Molecularium is an exciting new animation, in a planetarium setting, created to spark interest in the atoms and molecules that constitute our world. Via pioneering digital dome technology, viewers are completely immersed in a captivating virtual world. In the bottom left corner there is "Show Schedules" link.

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