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National Science Foundation

Energy, the Essential Resource: Crafting Its Benign Future - Slide Index

Slide 1 - Title Slide

Slide 2 - Yellowstone National Park (from slide show of fuel sources and energy technologies)

Slide 3 - Oregon State University Conceptual Wave Park

Slide 4 - Nathan Lewis, Photoelectrochemical Cell

Slide 5 - Promising Features of the Current Research Environment

Slide 6 - Cellulase/Cellulose Visualization

Slide 7 - Cyberinfrastructure

Slide 8 - OOI, NEON Collage

Slide 9 - Fluid Dynamics of Water Strider

Slide 10 - Collage: Traffic Jam, Gas Pump, Biofuels

Slide 11 - Electron Flow

Slide 12 - MOFs (Metal-Organic Frameworks)

Slide 13 - Closing Slide -- Energy, the Essential Resource

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