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National Science Foundation

Climate Change: Challenges and Priorities for Basic Research, May 20, 2008,
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Slide title: Two Decades Of Ocean Time Series Research Reveals Changes In The Surface Ocean Environment

Slide words:
Coral Reefs
Calcareous phytoplankton

Slide images:
Left: two graphs showing the decreasing pH value of surface waters from 1983 to 2005. The top graph shows Hawaii Ocean Time-Series data; the bottom graph shows Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study data
Top center: photo of coral labeled Coral Reefs
Bottom center: photo of a swimming pteropod, Limacina helicina labeled Pteropods

Slide image credit: courtesy of Hawaii Ocean Time-Series and Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study (graphs at left); André Freiwald, GZN Erlangen & JAGO Team, GEOMAR, Kiel (top right); courtesy of Russ Hopcroft, UAF/NOAA (bottom right)

Background image: Photo showing the sun setting over the ocean and a dramatic sky

Background image credit: © 2009 JupiterImages Corporation

Design by: Adrian Apodaca, National Science Foundation

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