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National Science Foundation

Climate Change: Challenges and Priorities for Basic Research, May 20, 2008,
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Slide title: Water Consumption and Energy

Slide image: Chart based on Virginia Water Resources Research Center results compares six fuel sources and the number of liters per 1000 Kilowatt-hours used by each:
  Natural Gas: 38
  Synfuel: Coal Gasification: 144-340
  Coal: 530-2100
  Petroleum / Oil-electric: 15,500 31,200
  Fuel Ethanol: 32,400 375,900
  Biodiesel: 180,900 969,000

Slide image credit: Adapted from IEEE Spectrum Online, How Much Water Does It Take to Make Electricity? April 01, 2008, http://spectrum.ieee.org/apr08/6182

Background image: photo showing water falling

Background image credit: 2009 Jupiter Images Corporation

Design by Adrian Apodaca, National Science Foundation

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