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...... Creative Transformations

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The Process of .Creative Destruction

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Science/Technology Linkage

Patent Citations to S&T Literature.Up 10-fold since ‘88, doubled since ‘96

Innovation Dynamo

The NSF Vision

The NSF Mission

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NSF Core Strategies

21st Century Research Fund

NSF Budget Request.By Initiative

NSF Budget Request.By Strategic Goal

New Capabilities

Nanoscale S&E

Nanoscale S&E.Molecular Wiring

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Components of a Holistic Baccalaureate Education

The Fundamentals

The Knowledge/Cognitive Revolution.“The Rediscovery of the Human Mind”

Challenges for 21st Century Academe

Challenges for 21st .Century Industry

.........Challenges for 21st Century Government

Some Philosophical Issues

Some Strategic Themes for 21st .Century Academe

Construction of the Whole

Ig-Nobel Prize for 1994

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