NSF: The First 50 Years and the Next 50

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The Class of 52

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NSF: Dynamic Tensions

Engineering at NSF

The NSF Vision

NSF Outcome Goals

Integrative Investment .in Research & Education

National R&D Funding by Source: 1953 - 1999

Science/Technology Linkage

Patent Citations to S&T Literature.Up 10-fold since 88, doubled since 96

Innovation Partnerships

Innovation Partnerships:.The Building Blocks

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Starting Points: .The Next 50 Years

Biocomplexity in the Environment

Computational Science: .Terascale Examples

Central Oklahoma, May 3 1999.7:00 pm CDT

Oklahoma: County Level .Storm Prediction

More Power; Better Predictions

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Nanoscale S&E

Writing With Atoms

Natural Nanotechnology

Emerging Job Titles

Educating for the Future: .21st Century Workforce

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