V. vulnificus Related to Illness and Deaths from Shellfish

Chart: entitled V. Vulnificus related to Illness and Deaths from Shellfish
With points on chart plotted according to cases and calendar years.

Caption: Vibrio vulnificus, a lactose-fermenting, halophilic, gram-negative, opportunistic pathogen, is found in estuarine environments and associated with various marine species such as plankton, shellfish (oysters, clams, and crabs), and finfish. It is found in all of the coastal waters of the United States. [Cases of illness have also been associated with brackish lakes in New Mexico and Oklahoma.] Environmental factors responsible for controlling members of V. vulnificus in seafood and in the environment include temperature, pH, salinity, and increased dissolved organics.

Source: USFDA

Website: http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~mow/chap10.html

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