Image: GEON, The Geosciences Network

Caption: The slide shows a map of the United States and the planned links, via high-speed Internet2 connections, for GEON, The Geosciences Network. The links join the following partners:

Information technology: San Diego Supercomputing Center at the University of California-San Diego, Pennsylvania State University, and San Diego State University.
Geosciences: Arizona State University, Bryn Mawr College, Cornell University, Rice University, UNAVCO, University of Arizona, University of Idaho, University of Missouri, University of Texas-El Paso, University of Utah, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Education and Outreach: DLESE, Cornell University, UNAVCO
Two tested sites are shown, one in the mid-Atlantic region, and another covering Southwest and North Central states.
The planned collaboration with bring together a broad range of geoscience data sets and make them accessible to the entire network.
Federal agency Partner: United States Geological Survey.

The Geoscience Network.

NSF Funded: yes

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