Biocomplexity: A New Paradigm for Infectious Disease

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Biocomplexity: A New Paradigm for Infectious Disease



Aldo Leopold quote

Old and new approaches to epidemiology

Distance from Ancestor

"Tree of Life" schematic

Cover of report, "The Microbe Project."

Undersea vent lifeforms

Tubeworm community at undersea vent

Harmful Algal Blooms

Photo collage of variety of organisms causing harmful algal blooms

Climate Sensitive Diseases

Malaria and El Nino: Venezuela

Avian Malaria in Hawaii



Cholera Statistics, 2000*

Global Spread of Cholera, 1961-1991

Historic map of cholera pandemics

Chesapeake Bay Cholera Sampling Sites


Number of Vibrio cholerae Associated with Copepods Collected in Bangladesh, 1987-1992

Cholera Outbreaks and Increases in Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Sea Surface Height (SSH)


Increasing value of data over time

International Long-term Ecological Research Network

NEON network

Instrumenting the environment

Thinking Outside the "Box"

"Microbial earth"

Biocomplexity (Atomic-Cosmological)

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