SC2002: From Terabytes to Insights

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Table of Contents

Terabytes to Insights

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

Era of punch-card computing

Cholera collage

NSF word slide

Map of US with TeraGrid superimposed

Visual metaphor of Cyber infrastructure

Map of Perseus

GriPhyn- Grid Physics Network

The Future: multi-petabyte databases generated by new science programs

Northridge Earthquake Disaster


Earthscope conceptual network

GEON Network

The Challenge of Genomic Sequencing

Ribosomal protein


Tree of Life schematic

Ocean Observatories

New Biocomplexity spiral

Bacteriorhodopsin molecule

Ocean Scene

Graph of variants response to light

Digital organisms and evolution

Caenorhabditis elegans

Images of zebra finch, hummingbirds, budgerigars, bats, whales, human

Comparative Brain Anatomy

Putting Us on the Path to Wisdom