Cholera collage

Images: Monitoring the Temporal Patterns of Cholera Transmission Risk
(1) Vibrio cholera (2) Vibrio cholera on the copepod eggs ( 3) Calanoid Copepod (4)Collecting water and washing clothes at a public water source (5) Illustration of satellites taking pictures of the Bay of Bengal and different sea temperature levels

Caption: The collage represents sequencing of the organism that causes cholera, to handling vast amounts of climate data gathered by satellites, to easy communication with colleagues around the world, particularly those working in countries where cholera is still a deadly scourge. The changes born of the information age have helped to change the way infectious diseases are understood, and opened new prospects for ameliorating their deadly consequences.

Source: AVHRR,AVHRR-SST, Topex-SSA, SeaWiFS-Chl-a

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