GEON Network

Image: GEON, The Geosciences Network

Caption: The slide shows a map of the United States and the planned links, via high-speed Internet2 connections, for GEON, The Geosciences Network. The links join the following partners:

Information technology: San Diego Supercomputing Center at the University of California-San Diego, Pennsylvania State University, and San Diego State University.

Geosciences: Arizona State University, Bryn Mawr College, Cornell University, Rice University, UNAVCO, University of Arizona, University of Idaho, University of Missouri, University of Texas-El Paso, University of Utah, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Education and Outreach: DLESE, Cornell University, UNAVCO

Federal agency Partner: United States Geological Survey.

GEON, a coalition of information technology and earth sciences researchers who are working together to create a modern cyberinfrastructure for the earth sciences. The goal is to build an integrated database from the atmosphere, the oceans, the land, and ecosystem to advance our understanding of the complex dynamics of earth systems.

The Geoscience Network.

NSF Funded: yes

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