Graph of variants response to light

Graphs: Proteorhodopsin phototrophy in the ocean. Background Image: Bacteria

Caption: The slide shows two graphs superimposed on a scanning electron micrograph of oceanic bacteria. The two graphs show absorption spectra of retinal-reconstituted proteorhodopsins in E.coli membranes. All-trans retinal (2.5M) was added to membrane suspensions in 100mM phosphate buffer, pH7.0, and absorption spectra were recorded. Top, four spectra for palE6 (Antarctica), HOT 75m4, HOT 0m1, and BAC 31A8 (Monterey Bay) at 1h after retinal addition. Bottom, downwelling irradiance from HOT station measured at six wavelengths (412, 443, 490, 510, 555 and 665nm) and at two depths, for the same depths and date that the HOT samples were collected (0 and 75m). Irradiance is plotted relative to irradiance at 490nm.

Source: for image of bacteria in background: Edward DeLong, Montery Bay Aquarium Research Institute.


Source: for Graphs in foreground: Oded Beja, Nature 411, 786-789 (2001), ©Macmillan Publishers Ltd. (In: Letters to Nature)


NSF Funded: yes

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