"A Global Thirst for Safe Water: The Case of Cholera"
2002 Abel Wolman Distinguished Lecture
National Academy of Sciences

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Table of Contents

Graphic collage representing percentage of freshwater available from different sources

World Population Projections

Population Growth Rate, 2000-2050

Global Water Supply, 2000

Effective Wastewater Treatment

Water Quality & Child Mortality

Photo collage of Chicago circa 1900

19th Century Filtration Plant Schuykill River, Philadelphia

U.S. Typhoid Cases, 1890-1935

Photo collage of Abel Wolman and historic water treatment plants, plus a graph showing decline in U.S. typhoid cases

Cholera Statistics, 2000

Worldwide Cholera, 1991

Global Spread of Cholera, 1961-1991

Historic map of cholera pandemics

Record of Locations of Cholera Cases in London, 1854

cartoon showing skeleton pumping water at public water pump

Graphic showing how cholera vibrios operate within bowel

Chesapeake Bay Cholera Sampling Sites


Number of Vibrio cholerae Associated with Copepods Collected in Bangladesh, 1987-1992

Monitoring the Temporal Patterns of Cholera Transmission Risk

Cholera Outbreaks and Increases in Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Sea Surface Height (SSH)

Sea Surface Temperature Variation over Time Bay of Bengal

Cholera in Latin America

Sea Surface Temperature South America

Photo showing ship dumping ballast water in ocean

Photo showing woman using sari to filter drinking water

Sari Cloth Filtration Reduces Cholera Cases, Fall, 2000

Small Chromosome Vibrio cholerae

Large Chromosome Vibrio cholerae

Principal Water Borne Pathogens

Selected Disease Outbreaks in 2001

Microscopic picture of Cryptosporidium

Microscopic picture of Helicobacter

Pictures of tubewells in developing country

Photo-mosaic of 16 circular-shaped images from the non-living and biological worlds

Map of U.S. showing schematic of NEON network

Painting by artist Rousseau surrounded by small images of various cutting-edge sensors NEON might employ

Photo of villagers washing and gathering water at public water source

Photos of dam and water plant

Photo of Beverly Lighthouse