Gemini North Dome

Image: Southern Stars Over Gemini North

Caption: This image is a composite of two photographs that accurately portrays the sky over Gemini North on Mauna Kea. The telescope image is a 2-hour exposure with the trails of an automobile at lower center. To the lower left, the faint glow of Kilauea Volcano can also be seen. Note that the constellation of Crux (Southern Cross) can be seen to the left of the dome and the star-forming region Eta Carinae to the right. The star field is scaled and positioned as it would appear early on a Spring evening.

Source: Gemini North/South Observatory Image Gallery CD-ROM

Note: All images on this CD-ROM can be used for non-commercial (non-endorsement) and educational purposes with proper credit. All images have credit lines provided in this document and imbedded in PhotoShop “File Information” files.

NSF Funded: yes

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