Influence of Group Size on Epidemiology

Graph: Influence of Group Size on Epidemiology

Caption: The point of this graph is to show that in a small group a few individuals will have a large amount of infective material while in a larger group, lots of individuals will have small amounts of infective material. This is a simple effect of a particle (that doesn't replicate or reprouce) diffusing through a group via social exchange. The effect though simple have very important epidemiological implications because the ability of an infected individual to successfully infect another individual may depend upon the level of infection (s)he harbors.

Background image: Densely packed bees in the colony

Source: Dhruba Naug, Ohio State University

Credit: Scott Camazine & Dhruba Naug

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NSF funded: Yes (Brian H. Smith is the PI at Ohio State.)
NSF Permitted Use: YES (Internal use only)

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