U.S. Terascale GRID

Map: The U.S. Terascale GRID computing backbone.

Caption: Multiple 10 gigabyte Ethernet links are depicted between NCSA headquarters, Argonne National Labs, Caltech and SDSC. The current supercomputing network (NPACI, Abilene, etc) is in the background.

TeraGrid is a multi-year effort to build and deploy the world's largest, fastest, distributed infrastructure for open scientific research. When completed, the TeraGrid will include 20 teraflops of computing power distributed at five sites, facilities capable of managing and storing nearly 1 petabyte of data, high-resolution visualization environments, and toolkits for grid computing. These components will be tightly integrated and connected through a network that will operate at 40 gigabits per second—the fastest research network on the planet.

Source: National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Website: http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/

NSF funded: Yes

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