Nanocrystals and Nanotubes

Graphic: Impressionistic collage of nanotechnology research.

Caption: Background image by scanning microscope revealing branched electron flow. Upper right image of nanocrystals fluorescing at various wavelengths. Upper left image is a concept of a molecular based transistor based on carbon nanotubes. Lower right is 3D graphic of a carbon nantube wrapped in a polymer to enable the solubility in water and hence in the cytoplasm of a living cell.

Sources: F. Frankel copyright, R. Smalley, Rice University, Robert Westerfvelt, Harvard Univ., Carbon Nanotube-Based Nonvolatile Random Access Memory for Molecular Computing, T. Rueckes, K. Kim, E. Joselevich, G. Y. Tseng, C.-L. Cheung, and C. M. Lieber, Science 289, 94 (2000).
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