Gravity waves result only when mass is under acceleration

Image: A heavy object placed on a stretched rubber sheet makes an indentation. The Presence of the Sun "indents" space time in an analogous manner

Caption: Fantastic as it may look at first sight, Einstein's law for the addition of two velocities is correct and has been confirmed by direct experiments. Thus Einsteinís theory of relativity leads us to the conclusion that it is impossible to exceed the velocity of light by adding two (or more) velocities no matter how close each of these velocities is to that of light! The velocity of light, therefore, assumes the role of a universal speed limit, which cannot be exceeded no matter what we do! No matter how counter intuitive the idea of relativity may seem, we may remember that every experimental test of this theory till date has confirmed that Einstein was right!

Source: Recreated by NSF, KDW
Text Source: Dr. D.V. Gamble, from A Monthly Newsletter of Vigyan Prasar


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