Knowledge has become the currency of everyday life

Knowledge has become the currency of everyday life
(1) Images: Head Visualization: Adaptive, Hierarchical Mesh Generation

Caption: This smooth reconstruction of a human head shell was built by smoothing and thickening an input triangulation model. Shell structures arise in the design of geometric objects such as aircraft, containers, or the human skull. This research is sponsored in part by the National Science Foundation, Geometric and Symbolic Numerical Computation Program.
Source: Center for Computational Visualization, Univ. of Texas-Austin
NSF Funded: yes

(2) Image: Globular Cluster M13

Caption: This image of the core of the globular cluster M13 illustrates the dramatic improvement in angular resolution obtained with the Gemini-North telescope using the University of Hawaii adaptive optics system (Hokupa'a). The image was taken with Hokupa'a and its near-infrared camera at a wavelength of 2.2 microns and corresponds to 940 seconds of integration time. The full-width half-maximum of the image is 0.09'' and the limiting magnitude in this image is 21.8. The field of view is approximately 20'' on each side.
Source: The Gemini Observatory and NSF and Univ. of Hawaii
Providing Complete and Unobstructed Coverage of Both the Northern and Southern Skies
Copyright: Neelon Crawford; Gemini

NSF funded: yes

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