NSFNet, Circa 1991

Graphic: NSFNet, Circa 1991

Caption: This image is a visualization study of inbound traffic measured in billions of bytes on the NSFNET T1 backbone for September 1991. The traffic volume range is depicted from purple (zero bytes) to white (100 billion bytes). It represents data collected by Merit Network, Inc. In 1985 with the creation of the National Science Foundation's Supercomputer Centers program, NSF created NSFNET, a network that connected the five supercomputer centers and provided a network for research and education. Based on the ARPANET protocols, the NSFNET created a national backbone service.

Source: NCSA-National Center for Computing Applications

Website: http://archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SCMS/DigLib/text/technology/Visualization-Study-NSFNET-Cox.html

NSF Funded: Yes

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