Images: Bacteria in Octopus Spring (Yellowstone National Park)

Large image and left inset:
Large image: Landscape view showing Octopus Spring (Yellowstone National Park) and green-orange cyanobacterial mats below ca. 72 degrees C.
Left Inset: Vertical section of Octopus Spring (Yellowstone National Park) cyanobacterial mat, showing ca. 1 mm-thick upper green layer of cyanobacteria
Credit: David M. Ward
NSF funded: YES
NSF permission to use: YES
RESTRICTIONS: Please do not reproduce or distribute without permission of David M. Ward, Montana State University

Right Inset: Sausage-shaped cells are unicellular cyanobacteria (Synechococcus) and filaments are green nonsulfur bacteria resembling Choloroflexus and Roseiflexus.
Source: Richard W. Castenholz, University of Oregon
Credit: Richard Castenholz
External and Internal permission
NSF-funded: YES

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