Quote: "In our results are our beginnings."

Collage: (1) Education Collage (2) Coral reef at Atlantis in Riverhead, NY

Caption: (1) An LCD computer monitor super-imposed upon a background of bookshelves (2) Coral reef at Atlantis in Riverhead, NY scene on the computer screen.

Source: (1) Abelstock (2) Michael Creutz
Credit: (1) (2) Galrey and Michael and Creutz
Design by: NSF/ A. Jeon
Website: (1) n/a (2) http://quark.phy.bnl.gov/~creutz/pictures/gallery/atlantis.html
NSF funded: (1) No (2) No
NSF permission to use: (1) Yes Royalty-free image purchased by OLPA through Ellen Weir;
Reference#: 1128|0914 (2) Yes Government Image
Government Image: (1) No (2) Yes
Original file name: (1) education2.jpg (2) atlantis.jpg
Permission Form: Not Needed
In Image Library: No

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