Human Genome/Arabidopsis

Image: Human Genome Montage

Caption: 3D woman holds her hand out to let a 3D strand a DNA burst from her palm upwards off the slide. In the background, are chromosomes, dna data, genome material and sequencing information.

Source: NSF/ S. Raimo

Photo: Arabidopsis thaliana: community of Arabidopsis plants
Multinational Genome Research Project

Caption: During the Arabidopsis Genome Research Project, research is done on the components, structure and characteristics of it's leaves.
Visualization shading project that shows rainwater distribution in an evolving thunderstorm simulation. The rainwater is volume rendered varying in intensity from dark blue to purple to orange to pink to white.

Source: David Bock, NCSA
Nature 408, 14 December 2000, Poster partially sponsored by NSF
The poster which provided this information was under the sponsorship of multinational groups including the National Science Foundation. Text Authors: David Meinke, Iris Tzafrir, Oklahoma State University

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