Collage with cholera-carrying copepod and biocomplexity spiral

Caption: An impressionistic spiral pattern, with a blue sea and sky background with the image of a copepod carrying cholera in its egg sac in the center.
Biocomplexity denotes the study of complex interactions in biological systems, including humans, and their physical environments. Ecosystems do not respond linearly to environmental change, nor do the pathogens that live in them. The form of a spiral, so symbolic of life at every level, underscores the point that understanding demands observing and integrating at multiple scales, from the nano to the global.

Source: Copepod: Dr. Rita Colwell (Image can be found in NSF Image Library), Lanscape of ocean: NASA, Spiral: created by NSF/S. Raimo

NSF funded: No
NSF permission to use: Yes
Government Images: Yes
In Image Library:
Foreground: Yes
Background: No -- image from NASA image library.

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