Sea fans with aspergillosis

Image: Sea fans (1) Carribean Sea Fan (2) Bleached Corals

Caption: (1) Caribbean sea fan coral infected with aspergillosis, a fungal disease caused by Aspergillus sydowii. The fungus causes tissue necrosis thereby exposing the underlying axial skeleton which is quickly grown over by a variety of fouling organisms (lower left on sea fan). On some sea fans, the disease is also associated with galls (top-center of sea fan). Photo taken on Rocky Point Reef (2m depth). San Salvador, Bahamas, January, 1997. The scale bar is 5cm in total length.
(2) Small patch of reef with dead sea fans. Aspergillosis (a fungal disease) is suspected to be the cause. Photo taken by Western Dry Rocks Reef (3m depth), Florida Keys, USA.

Credit: Photo by Kiho Kim
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