Collage with evolutionary tree and ocean

(1) Foreground Image: Phylogenetic tree
(2) Background Image: Underwater Collage

Caption: (1) Depicting the three major groups of life in the biosphere-Archaea, Eucarya and Bacteria and major taxa. Humans are highlighted on the very end of the Eucarya "branch". All plants, animals and fungi are here. (2) A ghosted collage with coral lining the bottom edge of the image, super-imposed upon a under-water shot of the ocean with light filtering through from the top.

Source: (1) Norman Pace, Univ. of Colorado-Boulder (2) NOAA/ Paige Gill
Design by: NSF/ A. Jeon
Website: (1)
NSF Funded: (1) Yes -- Pace currently is supported by four research grants, including two from the National Institutes of Health, one from the U.S. Department of Energy and one from the National Science Foundation.
Original file name: RC_2004_Ocean_Tree2.jpg
Permission Form: not needed
In Image Library: no

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