Soccer Robotics

Video: NSF Support Helps Start a Robot Soccer Dynasty

This video of the second goal by CMPack'02 shows the efficient pursuit of the ball by the CMPack'02 attacker (in red) and the positioning of the offensive supporter and the defensive supporter.

The robot dog teams of Manuela Veloso of Carnegie-Mellon University and her colleagues compete internationally in the sport. Lest it all look only like fun-and-games, Manuela points out that Nobel economist Herb Simon ranked robot soccer right at the top of robot achievement, because it creates the ultimate environment for research on communication, movement and learning. The dogs learn in two ways: offline, like athletes practicing skills, they learn which function they should apply in given conditions. But they also learn during a game.

Credit: CMPack'02 research team: Manuela Veloso, Scott Lenser, Douglas Vail, Maayan Roth, Ashley Stroupe and Sonia Chernova. Video courtesy of Sony.
Source: NSF PR 03-47 - April 29, 2003
Website: N/A
NSF funded: Yes
NSF permission to use: Yes
Government Video/Image: No
Original file name: CMU-pack02-goal.asf; soccorbots.avi
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