Mushrooms in Narkanda

Title: Hunting mushrooms in Narkanda

Image: (1) Four Indian mycologists hunting for mushrooms (2) An ectomycorrhizal fungi species, Russula (red cap) collected in India

Caption: Scientists from the United States and India have teamed to study fungal distribution on two continents. Part of this study takes place in Narkanda area, India. Fungi are among the largest groups of living organisms and one of the most important to the functioning of ecosystems. Little is known about their populations and taxonomy. Using the tools of modern molecular biology, the scientists will assess and compare the genetic relatedness of species that are geographically far apart. This search for intercontinental patterns will provide insights into biodiversity's role in ecosystems and could lead to possible applications in forestry or agriculture.

Source: Dr. Steven L. Stephenson, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas

Design by: NSF/S. Raimo


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